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CANopenDeviceNet,   Profibus, Ethernet, ProfiNet, EtherCAT and EthernetIP


CANopen或DeviceNet™,您可以使用 combitronic-100™, 高速透明的通信協議通過CANbus,使您一次可以控制多達120個 SmartMotor伺服器。


Animatics CANopen SmartMotor™



  • I/O Device CAN bus Master (see details below)
  • 所有基本動作指令可通過 CiA的V4.02規範
  • 能夠讀 /寫所有SmartMotor變數
  • 使用 內載 I / O通過 CANopen網關,SmartMotor程序或RS232命令
  • 能夠運行1000 SmartMotor子程序通過SMI2軟件和RS232接口
  • 多達127個節點
  • 250微秒中斷驅動子程序與 - PLS的固件
  • 網關波特率:250K,500K,125K,250K,500K,1Mpbs 預設值 125kbps
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I / O端口E和F是用於 SmartMotor之間的通信和CANopen網關。

I/O Device CAN Bus Master - SmartMotors can now interface with standard CiA 301 CANopen devices including but not limited to:

  • Remote digital/analog/mixed signal I/O
  • CAN bus absolute or relative encoders
  • Inclinometers
  • Load cells
  • Temperature controllers
  • Pneumatic valve blocks
  • And more

Basic control allows 8, 16, or 32-bit sized data objects with support for both PDO and SDO protocols. The supported profiles include but are not limited to I/O profile, encoder profile, and DS4xx profile. This provides the ability to:

  • Dynamically map SmartMotor PDOs, map another device’s PDOs, start the NMT state
  • A SmartMotor can send/receive up to 5 PDOs each for RX (Receive) and TX (Transmit)
  • Read/write SDOs in expedited mode only; which works up to 32-bit data

Multiple SmartMotors and multiple I/O devices may be on the same CAN bus. This combined with Combitronic motor-to-motor communications allows for complex, multi-axis, multi-I/O-device network control. Now you can achieve full machine control with just the SmartMotors -- no other HMI or bus master is required!

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Animatics DeviceNet SmartMotor™


  • 輪詢 I/ O和明確的消息,從您的PLC控制所有SmartMotor行動
  • R讀 /寫控制ODVA的位置控制器的所有參數
  • 使用 內載 I / O通過 DeviceNet,SmartMotor程序或RS232命令
  • 能夠運行子程序1000 SmartMotor通過 DeviceNet和讀 /寫4個 32位用戶變量
  • 在線診斷的SmartMotor通過SMI2軟件和RS232 接口
  • 最多64個節點的DeviceNet
  • 250微秒中斷驅動子程序與 - PLS的固件
  • 網關波特率:125K,2 50K,500K 預設值 125kbps
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I/O Ports E and F are used for communications between the SmartMotor and the DeviceNet Gateway.




Animatics PROFIBUS SmartMotor™


  • 命令/反應代碼為所有SmartMotor命令
  • 使用 內載 I / O通過 PROFIBUS,SmartMotor程序或RS232命令
  • 能夠運行1000 SmartMotor子程序通過 Profibus
  • 能夠讀 /寫所有SmartMotor變數
  • 在線診斷的SmartMotor通過SMI2軟件和RS232接口
  • 多達127個 PROFIBUS節點
  • 2250微秒中斷驅動子程序與 - PLS的固件
  • 網關波特率:9.6,19.2,31.25,45.45,93.75,187.5,500 kbps的,1.5,3,6,12 Mbps 預設值1.5Mbps

I / O端口E和F是用於 SmartMotor之間的通信和PROFIBUS網關。

注: PROFIBUS的傳輸速率是可以實現的只有妥善電纜長度和終止 connnectors。有一個最低工作時電纜長度>=1MBaud。如果電纜過短,反映阻抗可以導致虧損的通訊數據包和雜散節點的錯誤。




Combitronic: 高速透明通信協議通過 CAN bus

Animatics公司先後引進了顯著進步的綜合電機技術。 Combitronic™是一種協議,工作在一個標準的“ CAN ”(控制器區域網絡)接口。它可以與 CANopen或DeviceNet協議或者在同一時間共存的。然而與這些常見的協議,Combitronic™無需單個專用主機進行操作。每個一體化伺服連接到同一網絡通信平等,共享所有信息,因此,共享所有的處理資源。 Combitronic通信工作在一個標準的“ CAN ”界面,使用相同的基本硬件大多數汽車以及熟悉的工業網絡,如CANopen和DeviceNet。與這些常見的控制網絡,但是,Combitronic沒有主站或從站。


一個數組 Animatics SmartMotor伺服機成為一個巨大的並行處理系統,當配備了Combitronic™接口。這種強大的技術進步提供了共同利益的集中和分散控制,同時消除其各自的歷史弊端,開放的可能性之一:



The optional Combitronic™ technology allows any motor’s program to read from, write to, or control any other motor simply by tagging a local variable or command with the other motor’s CAN address. All SmartMotor™ units become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system without writing a single line of communications code or requiring detailed knowledge of the CAN protocol. The only prerequisite is to have matched baud rates and unique addresses.

高達 120 SmartMotor伺服機可致一個陣列上使用Combitronic技術。



  • 120軸節點數
  • 1MHz帶寬
  • 沒有主要求
  • 沒有掃描列表或設置所需的節點列表
  • 所有節點具有完全的讀/寫訪問到所有其他節點


G'Issue Go in local motor
G:2 'Issue Go to Motor 2
G:0'Issue Global Go to all motors on the network
x=PA:5 'Assign Motor 5 Actual position to the variable “x”

Additionally, comparisons or live polling and value comparisons may be made across the bus:

IF PA:3>PA:5 'If motor 3 position exceeds motor 5 position
S:2 'Stop motor 3

WHILEIN (4) : 2==0
LOOP'Wait for Input 4 of motor 2 to go high

New Stand Alone Linear Interpolation:

'Assign commanded positions for x, y, and z
'Use variables to define motor addresses
VTS=100000 'set path velocity
ATS=1000 'set path acceleration
DTS=100 'set path deceleration
PTS(x;1,y;2,z;3) 'set 3-axis synchronized target position
GS 'Go, 3 axis synchronized linear interpolation
TSWAIT 'Wait until 3 axis move is complete

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Animatics Ethernet SmartMotor™


  • 所有SmartMotor命令和功能透過 Ethernet全面實施
  • 標準 TCP / IP協議 透過 Ethernet上的ASCII通過端口10001
  • 使用內載 I / O通過 透過 Ethernet網關,SmartMotor程序或RS232命令
  • 能夠運行1000個 SmartMotor子程序透過 Ethernet
  • 線上診斷程式的SmartMotors通過SMI2軟件和RS232接口
  • 能夠處理的DHCP或靜態 IP地址
  • 250微秒中斷驅動子程序與 - PLS的固件
  • 網關波特率:10/100 BASE - T的自動檢測
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I / O端口E和F是用於 SmartMotor之間的通信和 透過 Ethernet網關。

注:此選項不適用於所有型號。請致電 +1-408-748-8721,了解最新的現況可用性。


Class 6 PROFINET® Fieldbus provides:

  • PROFINET RTC - Real Time Cyclic transfers
  • Class 1 and 2 (certified) - unsynchronized
  • Class 3 (certification pending) - synchronized SmartMotor™ clocks
  • PROFINET RTA – Real Time Acyclic protocol
  • DCP, LLDP, SNMP, MIB-II, and LLDP MIB support

ProfiNet Connectors

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EtherCAT® Fieldbus on Class 6 M-Style SmartMotor™ provides:

  • Industry Standard CiA 402 Motion Profile support
    • PP, PV, HM, TQ, CSP, CSV, and CST modes
  • Dynamic Mapping of Process Data Objects (Cyclic Data Exchanges)
  • Real time coordinated control using Distributed Clock (DC)

EtherCat Connectors

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Download procedure on how to configure TwinCAT 3 for use with the Class 6 EtherCAT SmartMotor

Trio logoAs a Preferred Drives company, Moog Animatics has a special arrangement with Trio Motion Technology, a specialist in high-performance motion control, to offer the Trio MC4N-ECT EtherCAT contollers to our channels at very competitive configurations.

Trio network


EtherNet/IP™ Fieldbus allows the Class 6 M-Style SmartMotor to easily integrate as a Position Controller (10h) device for:

  • Access to unique SmartMotor™ commands and parameters
  • Improved uptime with optional redundant cabling through Device Level Ring (DLR)
  • Optimal performance ensured through Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Simplified, modular programming through Add On Instructions (AOI)

EthernetIP Connectors

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CNC Surfboard Machine using SmartMotor and HLD60 Belt Drive Actuator
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