Animatics SmartMotor helping DMX lighting

Moog Animatics and Smartmotor™ Improves CNC SURFBOARD SHAPER

Advanced Motion Control for Medical Applications

Advanced Motion Control for Medical Application

Learn more about how Moog Animatics’ advanced motion control products have enabled companies in the medical industry decrease machine footprint while increasing through put, lower cabling costs, and ensure that life-saving equipment operates to the highest standards.


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SmartMotor™ 外殼可能被繪成黑色,但是他們是確實非常綠色-環保的。 SmartMotor™ 在軸和框架維數和開放環路的步進馬達一樣,但是卻使用唯小的電力,因為這些電力已足夠滿足實際上之需要。


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