Introduction to Applications

應用 錄影

Animatics SmartMotor™能夠作為主控制器,同時控制數個SmartMotors和其他設備。因此,很多時候,SmartMotor在其他系統中成為替代PLC的控制器。

至少,當 SmartMotor被添加到現有的系統作為一個擴展到機械設計,它可能只需要最少與主控制器的通訊,同時保持自己獨立系統的控制。


使用 SmartMotor™ 的行業

Industries using Animatics SmartMotor

Note: Industries in maroon text are linked to respective case studies.

使用 SmartMotor™ 的應用

Applications using Animatics SmartMotor

  • 衝擊荷重測試
  • 捲軸器
  • 觸覺開關測試
  • 輪胎研磨
  • 地形學映射
  • 變壓器捲線機
  • 渦輪葉片研磨
  • 垂直的負荷調節
  • 鐳射標示
  • 視覺檢驗
  • 語音捲線機
  • 晶片處理程序
  • 卷筒機
  • 卷筒式張力機
  • 電匯接合
  • 木材加工
  • 更多

Note: Applications in maroon text are linked to respective case studies.


Case Studies Related Industry Related Application
We used the integrated SmartMotor because having separate controllers, drives and motors was limiting our capabilities. Now the connection is much simpler, and it's easier to increase or decrease the number of tolling structures for each Flexitool ordered.
Claude Sven Zurbuchen, Liné Machines
Integrating the SmartMotor into our machine design greatly increased the flexibility and reduced the cost. We were able to eliminate a motion controller CPU and reduce the wiring requirements onboard the machine.
This saved us time and money and helps with diagnosing potential problems in the field.
Grant Stockly, Envision CmosX-ray
When I needed a solution, Animatics was a ready-to-go, plug and play servo that made a big difference. The time and hassle I saved using their SmartMotor was well worth the investment.
Jeff Ryan, Blockwire
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Automotive Modular Machine ControlAutomotive Modular Machine ControlAutomotiveParts Inspection and Repositioning
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Ultrasound TestingUltrasound
Medical Ultrasound Testing
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - CNC TrainingCNC Training Tool for Brazilian Higher Education Education CNC Training
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Input/Output Stacker, Wafer HandlingSemiconductor Heat Chamber Automation Semiconductor Input/Output Stacker, Wafer Handling
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Flexible Tooling MachineAircraft Skin Processing Aerospace Flexible Tooling Machine
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Linear and Rotary MotionDigital Architecture for Linear and Rotary Motion Architecture Linear and Rotary Motion
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - High Accuracy 3-Axis Positioning PID Style Antenna Pedestal Aerospace High Accuracy 3-Axis Positioning
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - A/V MobilityMotion Control for Maximum A/V Experience Entertainment
A/V Mobility
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Vision Guided Laser Marking產物可追溯的自動化激光標號
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - CNC Machining塑型雕刻機
CNC 加工
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Cappers高速製藥檢驗 製藥
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Plasma CuttingCNC 等離子切割機 金屬加工機床 等離子切割機
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - WoodworkingCNC 衝浪板成型機 木工機械 木工
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - High Axis Count Coordiated Motion高軸數協調運動 藝術與新媒體 高軸數協調運動
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Pan & Tilt Bases精密定位系統 軍事自動車 平衡定位
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Vertical Load Control同步控制垂直負載 娛樂 垂直負荷控制
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - Automatic Web Tensioning/Alignment捲軸導線 物料搬運 自動卷筒式張力機/校正
Case Studies using Animatics SmartMotor - GPS Guided Steering/Drive Control阿拉斯加管道履帶 石油工業 GPS制導轉向/傳動控制

Concepts & Capabilities

Application Note

MRI/EKG Testing Machine Medical
  • Compact, portable machine
  • Advanced controller capabilities
Medical equipment is held to an extremely high standard for quality and reliability compared to other industries.

Catheter Manufacturing Medical
  • Need to increase throughput while maintaining accuracy
  • Compact, table-top design
Catheters are thin tubes extruded from medical grade materials most often used to treat diseases or perform medical procedures.

Wet Process Bottle Filling & Capping Consumer Goods Manufacturing
  • IP65 or higher rating
  • Small factory floor space
  • Maximum 50V to reduce shock hazard
International consumer goods manufacturer needed to fill, cap and package multiple sizes of detergent bottles.

Input/Output Stacker for Wafer Heat Chamber Automation Semiconductor
  • Replacing outdated automation components with current technology that understands command protocol from host system
  • Delicate and precise movements to handle silicon wafers
Semiconductor manufacturer used separate controller, motor and drive components to control elevators that separated silicon wafers into slots to be taken into a heat chamber.

CNC Foam Cutting Manufacturing
  • Accurate multi-axis control
  • Multi-dimensional coordination between axes
EPS foam sculpting is a popular method for designing and producing high quality expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core monuments, 3D signs, sculptures, and prototypes.

CNC Plasma Cutting Metal Working
  • Memory storage
  • Overcoming inconsistent metal surfaces
  • Precise vertical control
CNC plasma cutting has become a popular technique for cutting metal, allowing the metals to be completely severed using an ionized, high powered stream of gas sent through a small nozzle creating an arc.

Linear Motion CNC Surfboard Shaping Machine Woodworking
  • Eliminate vibration over multi-axes movement
  • Control accuracy over long lengths
  • Maintain precise motion rigidity without speed loss
A surfboard design studio wanted to develop and build a compact and low maintenance surfboard shaping machine that provided a faster, measurable ROI for its customers.

Multi-Axis Flexible Tooling Machine Aerospace
  • Vertical synchronized movement across all motors
  • Eliminate the need for an external controller
  • Minimize excessive part accumulation
Airplane fuselages and wings for the aviation, space and defense industries are made of 1mm-5mm thick aluminum composite or contoured aluminum and are designed to be both incredibly strong and lightweight.

PID Style Antenna Pedestal Aerospace
  • Accuracy over azimuth, elevation, and polar axes
  • Precise and quick rotary movement of heavy structures
PID (proportional, integral and derivative algorithm based) style antenna pedestals are used to control three axes of movement of an antenna: azimuth, elevation, and polarity.

Linear and Rotary Motion Architecture
  • Minimize cabling to eliminate artifacts in the video signal
  • No program loss upon power loss
  • Strict deadline for complete system integration
Advancements in digital architecture allow TV’s, monitors and other digital displays to move freely on a mounted, customizable track system in residential and commercial settings.

Multi-Axis Ultrasound Transducer Testing Machine Medical
  • Highly accurate automated control of multi-axis gantry
  • Electrical noise attenuation
  • Multi-axis position recording
Large OEM manufacturer of medical equipment needed motion control system for testing their ultrasound equipment: specifically the transducer wand.

Traverse Take-Up Winding (Spooling) Textile
  • Improper traverse points
  • Over travel
  • Tension control between feeder spool and winding spool
Spooling is the most effective way to conveniently package materials of very long length, such as thread, film, labels, cable and thermoplastics.

Pan & Tilt Positioning System Military
  • Counteracting vibrations to attain controlled targeting
  • Precise apparatus positioning regardless of base movement
Pan and tilt systems, or azimuth and elevation control systems, are often used to aim cameras, laser distance sensors, or artillery at specified targets.

Pick and Place onto Index Table with Multiple I/O Inputs Automotive
  • Failure due to wear on wiring harnesses to I/O and motion controller on index table
An OEM was selected as the exclusive supplier of critical components to an international automotive manufacturer with strict delivery deadlines.